Self-Worth is the Law of Attraction


Self-worth is a term we throw around here a bunch - high self-worth, low self-worth….this concept is a major aspect of the TBM™ Manifestation process - I mean, hugely major.

Self-worth is the value we put upon ourselves, or how we see our own value. It is also how we communicate to the Universe what we believe we deserve to receive back. It’s common to confuse self worth vs self esteem. Self-worth is how we value ourselves in the long run, whereas self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves in any given moment, which can ebb and flow quite frequently.

Our self-worth develops from subconscious programming we experience between the ages of 0-25. Any pain, shame, abandonment, trauma, etc that we faced throughout those first years of life create a loop of low self worth that further builds the foundation of our subconscious self-worth, thus affecting what we attract into our lives.

So when our self-worth is low (signs of low self worth: when we feel bad about ourselves, think negatively about our contributions or believe we don’t deserve anything we want because we’re not good enough, etc), we are telling the Universe that we aren’t worth anything and therefore….dun...dun dun….nothing will come! The work within the TBM™ tools is designed to help you raise your self worth - to make you believe you are worth what you authentically desire….therefore communicating to the Universe that you’re ready and willing to receive - hence, magnetizing or attracting  what you’re manifesting into reality. Sound familiar-ish?



It is the energetic that attracts things into our lives based off of how we value ourselves - what we tell the Universe we deserve through subconscious and conscious actions.

The law of attraction is not just thinking about rainbows and puppies and having that goodness rain down upon you in a snap. This is common new age practice when referencing the law of attraction, and for some, self worth affirmations do help in raising one’s feelings of value but unless you are working with you imprinted subconscious beliefs it doesn't transform what comes to you. But, the law of attraction does require understanding self worth. When you read about how to use the law of attraction to manifest, the basic principle is simply raising one’s self-worth through positivity and conscious state affirmations. It truthfully comes down to consistent self-work, but once you are able to peel back the subconscious layers of programming that keep you feeling small, in a place of low self-worth, you’ll be able to grow into your most authentic, the highest state of self-worth projections.

Just watch what will come in! You’re learning how to use the law of attraction to its fullest extent!


With the new resurgence of “The Law of Attraction,” we’ve recognized that many seeking partnership are wondering how to attract love using the law of attraction (hint, hint - raise your self worth!!). When seeking a partnership, the love attraction we experience will be a direct reflection of the scale of our personal value. When our self-worth is low in our pursuit of an abundance of love, the partners that come into our lives will mirror that. It isn’t until you raise your self-worth through passing tests, subconscious reprogramming and expanding, will you attract the type of love you authentically desire and truly deserve.

Makes sense?

Self-worth is the law of attraction because we will attract into our lives what we are subconsciously projecting our self-worth level to be. Want more, reprogram your limiting beliefs in The Pathway, expand in The Pathway, and no longer settle for old low self-worth opportunities and habits. Raise your self-worth, how you value yourself, and you will begin to magnetize all you authentically desire into reality. It has nothing to do with "positivity".


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