Supporting Our Loved Ones as they UPLEVEL

support others while they uplevel

Odds are everyone has experienced some sort of Rut or Rockbottom in their lifetime. These energetic stages of the manifestation journey are such a gift as we grow into our most authentic selves. If you’ve been following along recently, then you may have learned a thing or two about these energetic stages - or perhaps you’ve already embarked on your own UPLEVELing journey. Yet the question arises: how can we best support our loved ones when they find themselves in a Rut or Rock bottom?

First, we must acknowledge that as deeply as we may hope for our loved ones to start the work and align their self-worth to maneuver out of a Rut or Rock bottom…we cannot manifest for others. This energetic self-work requires that one commits to it on their own. We must let them run into the fire until they’re ready to do the work, expand, unblock and manifest!

Our place in another’s process is to be a pillar of support and love, and to offer ourselves as an expander if we have made our way through our own Rut or Rock bottom.

To identify if your loved one is in one of these energetic states, ask yourself these questions: Do they seem to be stuck in an endless cycle of negativity? Have they been venting to you about the same personal issues for months now? Are they frustrated that no matter what they do, they can’t catch a flow? Most likely, if this is the case, they are in a Rut. This simply means that haven’t been living by their Authentic Code (You can find out your Authentic Code in UPLEVEL) and need to realign with their Authentic Selves. 

If your loved one has just had the rug pulled out from beneath them, experienced a breakup that has left them rattled or lost a job, this most likely means they are experiencing a Rockbottom. The Universe is trying to knock them onto their Authentic Path. When navigated correctly, they will flow into Next Level and receive the big manifestation that is trying to come through!


How to navigating the workshops to hold a more magnetic frequency for everyone around you & inspire those to take their lead:

i. Be an expander for your loved ones as you work your way through Next Level within UPLEVEL and discover your Authentic Code, start delegating and detoxifying tasks/relationships/etc within your life lately that do not align with your most Authentic Essence. Share how you feel after all this clearing.

ii. If you begin to feel powerless and triggered by how unhappy, hopeless, and tough your loved ones’s circumstances might be, turn to the Daily Reprogramming Exercise (DRE) to UNBLOCK where you may have picked up feeling powerless and hopeless in the past to shed those triggers and energetically hold a magnetic space for them throughout their progress. 

iii. During your twice-daily reinforcement DI within Next Level, take the extra time after you've finished (and while the music is still playing) to visualize a vacuum sucking out the circumstances in your loved one’s life that are causing them to continue unhealthy patterns or cycles. Although you cannot do the clearing and healing for them, this practice can help you to clear it from your energetic being and help to be a vision holder for them as they do their own clearing.

iv. Send them expanders of their interests that have gone on to achieve the things that light them up the most in their lives, especially if these expanders went through circumstances similar to what your loved one may be experiencing.

v. Keep your manifestation boundaries strong and send love and support as they embark on their own journey.


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