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Cardamom Rose Water Lassi

As of late, I’ve been deeply inspired by medicinal Chinese & Ayurvedic food and herbs due to getting deeper into my herbal studies.  I was anticipating the arrival of INDIA Cookbook so much yesterday that I think I startled the UPS driver when I met him at the door.  Thumbing through this dreamy cuisine bible, I’ve already dog-eared numerous recipes that I’m inspired to craft (while giving them an even deeper Ayurvedic twist).  I present you with my newest snack/digestive aid obsession:

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Whey Mint Chip Smoothie

I crafted this smoothie recipe for one of my very active NATIVE folk clients. May it be surfing, pilates, weights or marathons, he really needed a muscle rehabilitating, nourishing and bio-available remedy after his activities. Long influenced by my friend Christine Della Cioppa of the medicinal benefits of whey for the body, especially after muscle exertion, and the restorative powers of L-glutamine, this makes for the perfect smoothie--post strenuous workout.

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Simple LULO Fruit Smoothie

Every afternoon, Diana, as if she’s read my mind, makes us this incredibly simple smoothie that gives us a second wind. She is one of the special souls on my deeply inspiring friend, and host, Clara's team and I am so grateful for her. We can only communicate through flying hands in the air, smiling, and a combination of my very little broken Spanish and her English. But I feel totally connected to her and her glorious energy.

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Acai Pearl Smoothie

Adding pearl powder, yes you heard me—ground pearls—to this smoothie is quite exciting. When meeting up with the ever-so-knowledgeable Christine Della Cioppa a couple of weeks ago, she sure took my every-couple-of-days acai, chia, banana, stevia, sprouted almond milk smoothie to another level when she made me this INCREDIBLE acai ice cream bowl and chatted about the beauty results of pearl as an herb (recipe coming very soon—it’s going to blow your mind, trust me).

Nonetheless, I ran right to Erewhon and bought some pearl powder to add to this smoothie in hopes that my skin will turn as fluorescent and glowing as that of a pearl. And not only hugely beautifying, this smoothie also serves as the perfect mid-afternoon mega energy boost when you start loosing steam. The bee pollen and acai will keep you buzzing for hours!

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