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I’m a big fan of Stinging Nettle Leaf and Root—though I find myself using the leaf properties more often.  And as we start edging closer to next season, it makes for a wonderful spring tonic herb. 

It’s a slow acting nutritive herb, for it gently cleanses the body of metabolic waste and acts as one of the safest alternatives to treating chronic disorders that require long-term treatment.  Its magical properties far exceed this, but here are six of my favorite reasons why you might consider throwing this herb (or tincture) into your soup dishes, bone broths, fermented vegetables, or teas:

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Aloe Shot Recipe | raw

Like everything else I consume, I’ve been in search of the perfect pure aloe juice. This last weekend when I went home to visit my mom in Mariposa, the very first thing I did, upon arriving, was head to the health food store to pick up Probiotic kefir and aloe juice. As it is every time I buy a new version of aloe juice, I’m bummed at how much it lacks potency.

So yesterday when I picked up a NEW version and was disappointed, yet again, I decided to start forging the plant leaves and making my own. I know we all look to adaptogens from China and India but it's pretty rad that we have a powerful one growing right in our own neighborhoods LA.

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