3 Tools to Go Deeper within the Workshops on Your Own Retreat

3 Tools to Go Deeper within the Workshops on Your Own Retreat

Any retreat, big to small, extravagant to simple, can help us to reconnect with ourselves and tune back into our intuition. A retreat is the perfect addendum to our Authentic Code Challenge, lasting throughout the month. Join the challenge by logging into UPLEVEL, whether a la carte or within your Pathway Portal. We’re retreating to realign with our unique Authentic Code and reinforcing our truest Authentic Essence.

As I retreat this month, I’ve been able to relax, release and to download some exciting new ideas with great clarity. It has also allowed me to sit in solitude with any Shadow that comes up when I evaluate my Authentic Code. For me this has been “superficial, fraud, not intelligent and needy,” which I am working through with the Daily Reprogramming Exercise (DRE) (including the new DIs found within the DRE in the Pathway Portal!) and UNBLOCKED Shadow.

Here are some of our favorite tools we use to go deeper from supported, the manifestation class with lacy phillips found within the pathway subscription.


i. Get quiet and listen to PINGS. Your personal retreat is a wonderful moment to work on connecting with your intuition to better receive downloads or “Pings.” You’ll learn more about Pings in the How to Manifest Workshop. To identify how your intuition communicates with you, I recommend you write a timeline the last 5-10 years when you had a download that something was supposed to happen or you were supposed to go somewhere right before you were manifesting something. Think about your biggest manifestations. What were the little downloads that came through and then the most important how to is how did they come through? How did you get alerted? What sensory picked up on it? Use this time to get quiet and think back to each memory. Listen throughout your retreat as well. We can better receive Pings when we give our mind the serenity it needs to receive these messages. If you feel hesitation towards acting upon a Ping, take it through the DRE to reveal potential layers of shadow or low self-worth that could be causing your subconscious to have any resistance or fear upon acting.

ii. Clear space - Delegate and detox anything that doesn’t align with your Authentic Code. Anything that isn't reflecting your authentic lifestyle that you are manifesting, whether that's love, whether it's money, it needs to go. Have a journal that you take with you throughout the day, and look at every single thing you subliminally exposure mind too. All around you. I suggest you get very specific about what that is for you, whether it be clothes, friends, habits, lovers…etc. Stop watching anything that isn't reflecting the exact things you are manifesting. I know that that can feel selfish and scary and all the things that go with it, but guess what - it creates magnetism! When we walk through our fears, we literally create instant magnetism.

UNBLOCKED No within the Pathway Subscription, and each workshop within UPLEVEL will guide you along this process of powerful clearing. When we have detox out anything that is out of alignment with our authenticity, we allow so much to come through.

iii. Answer the question: If you were on the top of a mountain and you have nothing, no possessions in your life, no title, no job, no description of who you are, you're nothing, what are you then? What are you left with if you've been stripped from all of that? Who are you?

Do not monitor anything that's coming into your head. I want you to just free-form write for pages, and pages, and pages until you've run out. I want you to just answer whatever comes up and let whatever come up be a little bit of clarity for you as you formulate your Authentic Code and turn inwards throughout your retreat. Who am I if I've been stripped off every possession and title I've ever known? Who am I? What do I want? What do I like? What do I do? What drives me? Just ask what, what, who, who. You can do it once, sit with it, start to see how it navigates what's in your life, what you're doing in your life. Does everything resonate in your life with who that version of you is? It's just getting this deeper layer of rooting and anchoring in who are you. This will help you see where you are in alignment with your Authentic Code. Take any moments where you feel out of alignment through the DRE and UNBLOCKED Shadow. Reinforce your Authentic Code daily with the Reinforcement DI within each workshop of UPLEVEL.

Retreats - whether self-curated in your bedroom or an AirBnb (perhaps you’ll find the first To Be Magnetic™ retreat, the Forrest House, on there soon….hint hint) in a new place, or in an organized treat elsewhere in the world - provide us with the opportunity to truly turn inwards, to sink deeper into the work than every before, exploring the depths of our Authenticity and coming out more magnetic, intuitive and on our paths to manifesting.


How are you retreating this month?

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